Our Services
Field of services

  1. Consultancy services including planning, survey, design, cost estimation, construction, supervision and monitoring of physical infrastructure development programme with a special focus on participatory, labour-based, environment-friendly rural roads.
  2. Project planning, design and evaluation of various rural infrastructure projects.
  3. Studies and research on sustainable infrastructure development.
  4. Training on various aspects of sustainable development, people’s participation, labour-based construction technology, low-cost construction techniques and bioengineering.
  5. Establishment of database and information dissemination on environment and development.
  6. Project implementation on rural transport, bioengineering, river training, watershed conservation, urban development, etc.
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of various development projects. 
  8. Geographic Information System (GIS) for the preparation, digitization, analysis and interpretation of maps.
  9. GPS (Global Positioning System) based survey works.