1.     Planning, survey, design, construction supervision and monitoring of participatory, labour-based, environment-friendly rural roads and short span bridges of DDP/GTZ since 1988 to 1997

a)      Dhading Besi - Sallyantar - Khahare Road: 43 Km       

b)      Bhimdhunga - Lamidanda Road: 23 Km


Resource conservation and labour-based construction techniques are inherent part of the approach of rural road construction. Both of these roads including bridges are successfully completed and are under operation.


2.     Rapid environmental assessment of existing status and development of working strategy for Pharping - Kulekhani Road (23 km) supported by PLAN International, Kathmandu in 1995.


3.     Technical support for construction and improvement of Pharping - Humane Bhanjyang - Kulekhani Road (23 Km.) in Kathmandu and Makwanpur districts supported by PLAN International (Project adopting resource conservation measures was executed from 1996 and was completed on 2000)


4.     Technical support for the Feasibility Study and execution of various community based infrastructure projects in Parbat, Baglung, Surkhet, Dailekh and Pyuthan districts under RCIW-Phase I programme of HMG/WFP/GTZ (Programme continued for five years from 1996 to 2000) Rural roads, minor bridges, mule trails, small-scale irrigation and other different type of community infrastructure works were being implemented under this programme.

5.     Preparation and editing of Transport Infrastructure Master Plan of Dhading district, 1994.


6.     Preparation of the following manuals for DDP/GTZ:

        a)      Road Supervisors' Training Manual on low-cost, environment-friendly rural hill road construction techniques, 1993.

        b)      Road Maintenance Manual for maintenance supervisors, 1994.


7.         Pre-feasibility Study and preliminary design of motorable bridge over Bishnumati River, Kathmandu, in collaboration with Cosmos Engineering Services, 1994.


8.         Supervision of various Self-help scheme roads initiated by User Groups in Dhading for DDP/GTZ during 1996 – 1997.


9.         Preparation of three-year action plan of different community infrastructure works for RCIW programme in Parbat and Baglung district. This work included rural infrastructure planning and feasibility study of over 100 sub-projects in those districts for RCIW programme implementation with support of HMG/WFP/FfW, GTZ, 1997.


10.     Access Infrastructure Planning of Bhojpur and Sankhuwasabha districts (Interim Infrastructure Planning for three years) in 1997, assigned by GTZ.


11.     Design, estimate and construction supervision of food storage godown (Wiik Hall), guard quarter, office and site development works in Parbat and Dailekh districts in 1997 - 1998 supported by FfW/GTZ and WFP.


12.     Assessment and study of existing roads, inception of feasible road network  and development of working strategies and  guidelines for Transport Infrastructure Development Programme of Gulmi Arghakhanchi Rural Development Project (GARDP), supported by European Community (the concept  was to develop  strategies  for  environment –friendly rural road  and work planning). Assignment completed in 1998.


13.     Appraisal of Transport Infrastructure Component of Upper Sagarmatha Agriculture Development Project in Khotang, Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbu districts for Loan Review Mission of Asian Development Bank in 1998, 1999 and 2000.


14.     Preparation of District Transport Master Plan (DTMP) of Dailekh District supported by HELVETAS Nepal in 1999/2000.


15.     Preparation of District Transport Master Plan (DTMP) of Sankhuwasabha District supported by BS-PASHP/GTZ in 1999.


16.     Social mobilization and technical monitoring of Manma - Pantadi Road in Kalikot District (Karnali Rajmarga to District Headquarters) under Quick Response Programme of World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal in 1999.


17.     Backstopping, progress monitoring and technical training for four Green Roads in Lamjung districts for RDSPL/GTZ during 1998-1999.


18.     Involved in the study on Institutional Arrangement for the Rural Development (Transport Sector) of Tarai, commissioned to SAPPROS by the World Bank in 1999.


19.     Carried out Touch-base Study on Local Road Committees (LRCs) in Palpa for LISP/Helvetas in January 2000.


20.     Technical and environmental assessment including detailed design of structures and cost estimate of remaining works of Benighat – Arkhet Road (42 km.) in Gorkha district for RDP/GTZ in 2000.


21.     Technical and environmental assessment of Filim – Chhekampar Mule Trail (24 km.) in northern Gorkha including preparation of work estimate and development of work strategy for remaining works under GDP/GTZ in 2000.


22.     Assessment and feasibility study of two district roads (40 km.) in eastern Grokha for RDP/GTZ in 2001.


23.     Technical support for RCIW programme in Dailekh and Mugu districts (under respective DDC). Two rural roads and some other micro-irrigation and trails constructed under this programme in 2000/2001.


24.     Technical supervision of Chainpur-Nundhaki – Gufapokhari (43Km) and Chainpur-Barhabise rural roads (36 Km.) in Sankhuwasabha district under Rural Infrastructure Project from World Bank/DoLIDAR assistance from April 2000 to May 2002.


25.     Technical supervision of Benighat-Arughat-Arkhet road (47 Km.) being constructed in Gorkha districts under support of DDP/GTZ including Social Mobilization Works from February 2000 to August 2002.


26.     Construction supervision with of Tumlingtar – Chyangkuti district road (34Km) in Sankhuwasabha districts under RDP/ GTZ in October 1999 to September 2003.


27.     Construction supervision and technical support of Diktel-Chihandanda District Road (48 km) for participatory, labour based and environment-friendly rural road in Khotang district supported by RAP.  2 m wide track construction work is completed in 2003.


28.     Consultancy Services for UN/WFP Bhutan for the preparation of Operational Guideline for Power Tiller Tracks to be implemented by Royal Government of Bhutan in May to June 2004.


29.     Technical support for RCIW programme phase -2, in Dailekh district (under respective GTZ (RAP/RCIW). Construction of three roads - Desigade – Mahabu Road, Chupra – Mehaltoli Road and Ramghat – Thantikandh – Singasain  (64 km.) on Green Roads Concept. Various other community micro-projects including livelihood support. Renovation of old buildings for office and food store under this programme in  December 2002 to February 2004


30.     Construction supervision with of Chhaldipanah – Indregauda Rural green road (15.76Km) and Chorkante Shantipur Rural Road (14.365 Km)in Gulmi district under INFRIN in December 2003 to October 2004.


31.     Technical support for RCIW programme in Salyan and Pyuthan districts (under respective FfW/ GTZ). Marke – Rampur Rural Road: 24 Km. in Salyan, Sarebangphedi – Machhi – Gaumukhi Road, Damti – Bahane Road, Khalanga – Jogitari Road, Bijuwar – Jumrikanda – Sulichaur Road in Pyuthan District (48 Km.). Total length of road is 72 Km Besides these, 3 Bridges, some micro-projects and trails were also constructed under this programme in  February 2002 to March 2005.


32.     Construction supervision of Earthwork, major structures and EMAP preparation of Jumla – Kalikot Highway section (36Km) of Surkhet - Jumla Highway (Karnali Highway) in Jumla and Kalikot districts from April 2004 to April 2006 under Road Maintenance and Development Project (RMDP) of Department of Roads, funded by the World Bank


33.     Development of project approach and technical support for participatory, labour-based and environment-friendly rural road development in Sankhuwasabha district supported by DDC/RAP. Technical Supervision of Chainpur – Nundhaki (21 km) Roads since January 2005 to Sep 2006.


34.     Detailed survey, design, IEE and Construction Supervision of Bhalubang-Pyuthan Feeder Road -68Km (Graveled) in Dang & Pyuthan Districts from June 2004 to April 2006 supported by RAP.


35.     Construction supervision with community mobilization of Tamghas-Sandhikharka Rural Green Road Project (44 km) in Gulmi and Arghakhanchi districts under Infrastructure for Income since October 2004 to Sep 2007.


36.     Construction supervision of Bhojpur-Chhyandanda district road (42 Km.) in Bhojpur district and Diktel-Chyandanda District Road (48 Km) in Khotang district under DDC/RAP since Nov. 2003 to Aug 2008.


37.     Construction supervision of Bhyangkhola – Chhyangkuti Road (40 km) and Chainpur – Nundhaki (21 Km) Roads in Sankhuwasabha district under DDC/RAP since Nov. 2004 to Aug 2008.


38.     Detailed survey, design, IEE and Construction Supervision of Basantapur - Myanglung Feeder Road, -27Km (Graveled and Otta-sealed) in Terhathum district from June 2004 to June 2008 supported by RAP.


39.     Technical and Social Mobilization Support for  Assessment of Remaining Works and Construction Supervision of Roads under RCIW Programme in Dadeldhura and Darchula Districts from Dec 2008 to June 2009 supported by WFP Nepal.


40.     ICB Contract, MDS/ UAR-02. Road Construction, Maintenance and Construction Supervision for Upgrading of Lamidanda – Melamchi Pul Bazar Road -23 Km with Otta-Seal Pavement (Melamchi Project Access Road) with emphasis on environment friendly with quality assurance including procurement at Sindhupalchowk and Kavre Palanchowk districts from June 2008 to  June 2010. ADB Loan No: 1820 NEP (SF);


41.     Detailed survey, design and Construction Supervision of Katua Khola to Kamire Chore Feeder Road -20Km (Graveled & Black Topped) in Pyuthan District from October 2009 to till date supported by Ghorahi Cement Industries P. Ltd.