1.         Two weeks Field Supervisors' Training on participatory, environment-friendly, labour-based rural road construction approach was conducted altogether five times in Dhading district between 1988 and 1994.


2.         Skill Development and Orientation Training to road labours in Dhading district on construction of low-cost structures for hill roads was conducted in 1988.


3.         Two days Orientation Workshop for road committee members and district technicians in Dhading district in 1989, 1991, and 1993.


4.         Five days Orientation Workshop for DDC engineers and NGO representatives of Upper Sagarmatha Agriculture Development Project of Khotang, Okhaldhunga and Solukhumbu districts in January 1994.


5.         Five days Orientation Workshop for DDC Chairperson, Ilaka Members and district technicians on participatory, environment-friendly, labour-based rural hill road in Arghakhanchi district in April 1994 supported by Gulmi Arghakhanchi Rural Development Project (GARDP).


6.         Orientation Workshop for self-help groups of Pharping - Talku - Kulekhani road organized by PLAN International in May 1995.


7.         Design of Curriculum and implementation of Road Supervisors' Training (2 Weeks) for Plan International at Pharping in 1995 and 1996.


8.         Design of Curriculum and conduction of Road Supervisors' Training for Pilot Labour-based Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (PLRP)/Helvetas (Classroom and practical training) for the Road Field Supervisors from the contractors and Department of Roads with several blocks of training spanned for the duration of one year during 1996.


9.         Bioengineering and Slope Stabilisation Training for the engineers, overseers and supervisors of DoR, contractors and consultants organized by Department of Roads, Geo-Environment Unit supported by DFID (300 persons are trained in two years time and SIDeF professional was engaged as trainer and Training Co-ordinator) in 1997-1998. It includes the translation of training manual in Nepali.


10.     Various level of community mobilization and technical training, such as Construction Supervisors' Training, Skill Development Training, Orientation Training for Self-Help Groups, Gender Sensitization Training, etc. in Parbat, Baglung, Surkhet, Dailekh and Pyuthan districts for RCIW Programme (each year about 16 such training were conducted under this programme from 1996 to 2000).


11.     Participatory Project Planning and Implementation Training for project engineers, sociologists, overseers and motivators of RCIW Programme two times each in 1996 and 1997 (about 150 persons has been trained under this programme).

12.     Technical Training for supervisors and self-help groups of the rural link roads in Dhading district, once in 1996 and 1997 (about 50 persons were trained under this programme).


13.     Participatory, Environment-friendly and Labour-based Rural Road Construction Training for senior engineers from Public Works Department (PWD) of Bhutan in 1998 (Nine senior engineers including superintendent engineer, executive engineers and project engineer were trained under this training).


14.     Preparation of the Bioengineering Training Manual and Training Works for the technicians (overseers, rangers and JTs) of Departments of Soil Conservation, HMG Nepal, supported by Nepal-Denmark Watershed Management Project/DANNIDA, Nepal in 1998.


15.     Orientation Workshop on Green Road for DDC members in Gulmi District in February 1998.


16.     Conduction of Constituency Level Planning Workshops, participated by MPs, DDC members, political party representatives, VDC Chairmen and Vice-chairmen for the process of DTMP preparation in Palpa  and Achham district during May- July 1998.


17.     Training on Green Roads for two batches of engineers and overseers for the Ministry of Local Development (MLD) and Consultants of RCIW supported by FfW/GTZ (the training including preparation of manual was completed in September 1998). Training manual is translated in Nepali.


18.     Orientation to Road Committee Members, Supervisors Refresher Training, Advanced Technical Training to Road Supervisors, Engineer’s Training, Overseers’ Training and Mason/Naike Training  on “Green Road Concept” carried out in 1999 for the rural roads of Lamjung supported by RDSPL/GTZ.


19.     Various training carried out in 1998 - 2000 in Sankhuwasabha District during the implementation of Tumlingtar – Chhyangkuti Road supported by B-S PASHP/GTZ as follows:

·         Orientation to DDC Members, DDC Technicians and Road Committee Members on “Green Road”

·         Road Supervisor Training,

·         Mason Training,

·         Road Maintenance & Road-side Plantation Training,

·         Gender Sensitization Training and

·         Environmental Awareness Raising Workshop.


20.     Two weeks training to engineer from Phillipines German Community Forestry Project, Quirino Province of Phillipines on low-cost, environment-friendly road construction approach on November 1999.


21.     Follow-up Green Roads Training for engineers and overseers from the MLD, consultants and NGOs for RCIW (2 batches) on September 1999.

22.     Two weeks training to the overseers of KLDP/SNV and DDCs of Karnali Zone on Micro Hydro Design and Construction for Karnali Local Development Project/SNV in 1999.


23.     About 60 training carried out from 2000-2001 in Sankhuwasabha District during the implementation of Rural Infrastructure Project supported by DoLIDAR and World Bank.

·         Orientation to DDC Members, DDC Technicians and Road Committee Members on “Green Road”

·         Road Supervisor Training,

·         Mason Training,

·         Naike Training

·         Road Maintenance & Road-side Plantation Training,

·         Gender Sensitization Training and

·         Environmental Awareness Raising Workshop.

·         Record keeping and community based performance-monitoring training.

·         Bio engineering training to local supervisors.

·         Road Maintenance training to road supervisor.

·         Green road and ToT training to DDC technician.

·         Account training to DDC Accountant.

·         Project Management, Procurement and Monitoring Training to DDC Personnel


24.     Provided resource persons for the technical trainings under taken by Rural Infrastructure Project on Rural Road Construction and Management and Bio-engineering in collaboration with Inter Continental Technocrats, India in 2001.


25.     Provided resource persons for the technical trainings under taken by District Road Support Programme supported by SDC on Labour-based construction techniques to Road Supervisor in 2001.


26.     Conducted 3 days Workshop on Implementing Rural Access Program and Power Tiller Tracks at Dzongkhag Level in Thimpu, Bhutan during 24 to 26 May 2004 organized by Ministry of Agriculture/RGOB, UN-WFP and SNV Bhutan.